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       Luohua(Wuhan, China)Technology Ltd., established in 2009, is a R&D-oriented high-tech chemical company. Our company strives to provide excellent synthesis service for our customers. Currently, our products include pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs, fine chemicals, and building blocks for ...
Wuhan Luohua Technology Co.,Ltd.
No.3 West Road, Huangjia Lake, Hongshan District, Wuhan, China
Post code: 430065
Telephone: +86-13477084141
Fax: +86-27-65566697
E-mail: sales@luohuapharm.com

Synthetic chemistry service  
      Since its establishment, our company has synthesized more than 50 compounds. it takes at least 6 process To achieve each of them, whether weighing grams or kilogram...
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Analytical chemistry service  
      Standard product service Give comprehensive characterization to reference standards for clients or other key compounds and issue complete characterization report...
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Technology research and development  
      From milligram scale to kilogram scale Fast technology R&D Technology safety evaluation Technology analysis, development and support Integrative technical suppo...
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Benzene Series
Indole series
Featured Products
Small molecular series
Boronic acid Series
Pyrrole series
Other heterocyclic rings
Quinoline series
Pyrazole series
Pyridine series
Pyrimidine series
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